Basic Surf Lessons (Group) $75.00 per person*

Great for 1st time surfers or people with very little surfing experience. 1.5 hour surf lesson at Poipu Beach. Perfect for ages 6-76. For ages 6-9, Doug recommends private lessons.


Semi-Private Surf Lessons $125.00 per person*

Semi-private is for 2-3 people, this lesson is perfect for friends or family who want to be in a lesson with no one else. $75 price break over private surf lessons. 1.5 hour surf lesson


Private Surf Lessons $200.00 per person*

1 person maximum. One on one with an instructor gives you more hands-on time and a less crowded line up. Ideal for kids ages 6 to 10 years old. 1.5 hour surf lesson


Kids 1 – Hour Semi-Private $150.00 per person*

For 2 – 3 children 1.5 hour surf lesson


Kids 1- Hour Private Ages 8 and under $200.00 per person*

For 1 child 1.5 hour surf lesson


Surf with an Instructor $175.00 per person*

This lesson is perfect for intermediate surfers who like an instructor to go out with them and help the with techniques and help them get better at surfing. Also keeping them safe and out of harms way at a new unfamiliar surf spot. 1.5 hour surf lesson


Surf Tour $300.00 per person*

Surf with just the instructor at your choice of surf break. This is recommended for the more advanced surfers who want to hunt some barrels as well as young surfers for a more hands on teaching experience. 1.5 hour surf lesson

*Please note: prices for surf lessons are priced per person.

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